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Elderhostel in Padua & Venice, Italy ~ April 25 to May 8, 2004
We can't seem to get enough of Italy! Back in 2000 we participated in one of the superb Elderhostel "food and wine" programs (now discontinued), which was based in the area around Verona. Like the Verona program, this recent one is located in Italy's Veneto region, but it focuses on the art and culture of that area. The program begins in Padua (1st week) and then moves to Venice (2nd week). It was our third visit to this fascinating country and was our fourth international Elderhostel program.

Despite taking over 600 photographs during the 2-week program, there are some regrettable gaps in coverage owing to the many variables (i.e., prohibitions against photography, fatigue, poor lighting) that commonly affect a touring photographer. Also, there may be some group members whose faces are not evident in any of my gallery photos, and I apologize for such unintended omissions. I did record a remarkable number of "elder-backsides", and perhaps some of you can recognize yourselves from that perspective.

Below you'll see the gallery's "index"; these thumbnail images are arranged in chronological order. Click on any thumbnail to see a large image, and then you can navigate back-and-forth using the arrows at the top of each image page. In order to permit convenient display by your web browser, all images here have been considerably reduced in size compared to the original, higher-resolution versions; additionally the files are very compressed to minimize storage requirements. So, please note that even the "large image" files are not well-suited for making good quality prints. Members of our Elderhostel group are welcome to contact me with requests for higher resolution versions of particular files.

Copying any images is permitted for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use of any images on this web site is prohibited without written permission from Phil Rose. All images are copyright © 2004 by Philip I. Rose.

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img_0149a img_0150a img_0153a img_0154a img_0156a img_0157a
img_0160a img_0165a img_0166a img_0171a img_0175b img_0178a
img_0180a img_0185a img_0190a img_0193a img_0198(g)a img_0200a
img_0202a img_0203a img_0212a img_0213a img_0217a img_0218a
img_0219a img_0224a img_0225a img_0238a img_0239a

img_0250a img_0270a villa_barbaro_pano2NN

img_0284a img_0287a img_0294a img_0295a img_0299a
img_0301a img_0315a img_0316a img_0319a img_0323a img_0326a
img_0347a img_0349a img_0353a img_0359a img_0377a img_0380a
img_0383a img_0389a img_0391a img_0394a img_0395a img_0396a
img_0405a img_0406a img_0410a img_0411a img_0416a img_0422a
img_0424a img_0429a img_0430a img_0437a img_0440a img_0447a
img_0450a img_0455a img_0465a img_0467a img_0469a(fs) img_0473a
img_0474a img_0478a img_0480a img_0483a img_0485a img_0489a
img_0508a img_0519a img_0527a img_0538a img_0539a img_0548b
img_0552a img_0554a img_0560a img_0563a img_0569a img_0578a
img_0602a img_0603a img_0604a img_0606a img_0609a img_0672a
img_0674a img_0688a img_0689b(g) img_0711a img_0714a img_0715a
img_0716a img_0717a img_0718a img_0721a img_0722a img_0731a
img_0741a img_0747a img_0753a img_0755a img_0757a img_0763a
img_0764a img_0768a img_0769a img_0770a img_0771a

Arrivederci Venezia

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