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"Flavors of Spain" Elderhostel: ..........................UPDATED May 12, 2001

There are over 140 images, and while a broadband connection should need just 30-60 seconds to load, those with standard (56 kbaud) modem dial-up might have a wait of 10 to 15 minutes to receive the complete thumbnail gallery. However, you can view the gallery in smaller pieces (tapas version?) by clicking on individual tour "segments" shown below. We'd advise this for all those with a standard modem connection. W hope you will enjoy this small (?) sample.

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Anyone interested in making prints from the photos on these webpages should first read my Note

Those without time for a gallery visit can get a quick look at the intrepid band of eaters and drinkers in a group portrait taken in Soria, Spain; and you can also click on the thumbnail.

<---- Elderhostel "Flavors of Spain" group on April 6, 2001
(in Soria, Spain)

my unscheduled side-trip back up the mountain
to photograph Monasterio de Yuso... produced this result.

(((((((((((( Panoramic Photography )))))))))))) We lugged a tripod along on this trip (well, Judy did most of the lugging) in the hope that there would be opportunities for panoramic photography. Unfortunately there were only a couple of chances to set up for panoramic shots. A commonly used method requires multiple, carefully overlapped shots taken across the field of view. Afterwards, these images are "stitched" together with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Click here (or on the image below) to see one at Peñafiel Castle (don't forget to scroll it). Five images were used to cover a 180-degree field (and for fun, we also used some digital magic to "integrate" John Habbersett's photo of Phil in the process of shooting this panorama) :

<---------click here for Peñafiel Castle panorama
(photo of the photographer is courtesy of J. Habbersett)